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Tuesday 23/07/2013: Celebration evening at BUTET saddler.

Posted on Tuesday, 30 July 2013 in Butet Saddlery, Events

Tuesday 23/07/2013:  Celebration evening at BUTET saddler.

This 23rd July almost 150 people were invited to a party in honour of Frédéric BUTET, founder in 1986 of BUTET saddler, who now pass the torch to Arnaud LIEVRE and Olivier PERDRIX. Arrived in 2010, those two managers had discussed a firm transmission plan of three years which end approached fast.

In a first time, a visit of the workshop was proposed; it was the occasion for BUTET saddler friend's to discover the projects and the innovations set up since three years. In a second time was a convivial reception in the magnificent premises of Bouvet Ladubay.

The party was in full swing, rhythm by speeches and exchanges full of strong emotion. For example, the really kind speech of Albert VOORN, thanking BUTET saddler for the quality of the product and the service provide, but also thanking the friend who is Frédéric BUTET.

During his speech, Frédéric BUTET, did not miss the opportunity to express his pleasure to see numerous personalities which have counted in his professional life: Pierre THILLAYE (his first employer), and the members of BUTET team present by his side from the beginning. He also did not miss to congratulate himself for his meeting with Arnaud LIEVRE and Olivier PERDRIX, two dynamic managers, ready for anything to learn the environment and the profession of a saddler by bringing their personal touch, related to their own expertise.

This party was the occasion to assure that the story is not finished yet as Arnaud LIEVRE, Olivier PERDRIX and Frédéric BUTET continue to give life, together, to numerous projects like, for example, the creation of a BUTET filial in Switzerland directed by Frédéric in person.

Since 26 years, Frédéric BUTET has managed his firm with instinct, sincerity and courage, this party was the occasion for all to salute his qualities. It also permits to remind that, if the economic and professional success are evident (in 3 years, 20 additional employments, more or less 40% turnover growth...), the human success has been exceptional!

In this way, the party has been the strong symbol of the fact that this transmission does not mark an end but a continuity turned to the future all in the respect of the fundamentals of BUTET saddler.